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    Rules of the Server


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    Rules of the Server Empty Rules of the Server

    Post by Admin on Fri Sep 23, 2016 1:33 pm

    1: No Greifing
    This is a big one! Breaking this rule is a big No-No

    2: No stealing
    If you take a few small items, we will look the other way. But if you steal anything valuable, then your being a dick.

    3: No use of hacked clients
    This ones easy. No hacking, No ban.

    4: No x-ray or any other type of texture packs that allows you to see through blocks
    This one can be hard to tell. Just don't get caught and you'll be fine ;D

    5: No excessive vulgar or profanity.
    Everyone swears, curses, and makes rude jokes. Just don't go on a long swearing spree, that just spams up chat.

    6: Don't be a dick
    Just don't be a Dick and everyone will have fun. Its easy!

    7: No asking for items and/or teleports!
    If you ask, we will just say no. If you keep asking, you will be warned.

    8: No PVP
    You can PVP if both parties agree! (Note: Some players are dooshe, and will report you for killing even if you all agree. Make sure you screenshot all players participating to prevent this!)

    If you are caught breaking rules:
    You will get one warning. If you are caught again, you will be banned!
    If you've had a warning for 1 month and haven't broken the rules again, the warning will be removed.

    These rules are for everyone to have fun! Respect them.

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