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    Appeal Steps


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    Appeal Steps Empty Appeal Steps

    Post by Admin on Fri Sep 23, 2016 6:22 pm

    So you got banned.
    If you really love this server and want to get back on, here's what you do.

    1: Wait.
    If the ban was done without proper evidence, or you were banned without a warning, you'll be let back on in no time.
    Even if it doesn't resolve itself, wait a week before appealing. Appeals submitted before this will be denied.

    2: Appeal using the form below


    What rule did you break?:

    Do you think you've learned your lesson?:

    3: After the appeal
    If your let back on the server, you'll be on a warning. If you get banned again, there's no coming back.
    If your appeal is denied, that's it. Goodbye!

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