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    Silly_Boo application

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    Silly_Boo application Empty Silly_Boo application

    Post by Silly_Boo on Sat Sep 24, 2016 12:29 pm

    Age: 40 +

    Username: Silly_boo

    Nationality: english (uk)

    Why do you want to join?: played a lot of minecraft mods but would like to get back to vanilla minecraft as found its more fun with less junk  

    A bit about yourself: i  play minecraft to unwind and have fun started playing minecraft with my son and now have his old username
    have played a lot of modded minecraft ,b team ,c team and spent a lot of time on them but found they got old and easy fast

    What rule do you agree with the most? No Greifing       just dont see the need for people to do it

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