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    Post by Admin on Fri Sep 23, 2016 1:53 pm

    "Can I build an auto animal (Ex: Chicken, cow, etc.) farm?", Yes you may, but try not to exceed 50 animals in it.

    "Is this sever completely vanilla?", Yes it is.

    "Will this server ever have plugins?", I don't think there will ever be plugins but we may add command blocks at some point

    "Can I swear on this server?", Yes but not excessively.

    "Can I be staff?", Depends who you are! Apply!

    "Whats the server IP?" The ip is :3 have fun

    "My name is yellow! What does that mean?", That means you've been warned! If you break any more rules, you will be banned.

    "What is the minimum age for this server?", There is no minimum age, but if you are sensitive to vulgar and profanity, perhaps look for a different server.

    "I'v been accepted, but it says i'm not white-listed", Send a message to a staff member, they can white-list you.

    "Do I need to make a forum account?", It is highly recommended that you make a forum account. The only thing you can do without one is apply for the server, leaving out a lot of the community.

    "What difficulty is the server?", Hard

    "Whats the number beside my name?", Idek, it changes often

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