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    Donations- Share your ideas


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    Donations- Share your ideas Empty Donations- Share your ideas

    Post by Admin on Sun Oct 02, 2016 2:08 pm

    Okay, before your mind runs wild:
    No, MineDirt isn't dying from lack of funds.
    No, the server isn't going to have a fee to join.
    In this post ill be talking about donations, why their good, and weather we really need them or not

    1. Why?
    Donations on the server would purely be to help you guys out. Now at the moment, i'm doing fine with paying the server. I don't see this fact changing any time soon, but having a little store of money would keep the server running if anything were to happen. Also, money from donations could be used for advertising so i can grow the community bigger. (This would be more temporary, ill stop the advertising if the community grows to big, but this is another matter)

    2. What do I get out of it?
    This is where I need your ideas. Recommend what you would want from a donation- there would be 2 vip tiers, one for 5$ and one for 10$, where you get monthly items. Share what you would want out of the ranks!!

    3. What are the downsides?
    The downsides are easy to counter, we just need to be careful on prices and items you can purchase. If items are too cheap, we would have too many people running around in god armor when they only joined 5 minutes ago. Too expensive, and no one will donate removing the point of even having donations.

    Share your thoughts on donations below! Also recommend items that you could receive for donations


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