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    My application

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    My application Empty My application

    Post by Kantor on Wed Nov 02, 2016 8:57 am

    Age: 15

    Username: arisupercraft (yeah don't laugh about it... i was 10 xD)

    Nationality: Germany

    Why do you want to join?: I looked for a vanilla server with online players for a real long time now just
    because its cool to have more players around you while you play. It adds so much to the game.

    A bit about yourself: I like to go surfing, play guitar, and video games. (especially minecraft)

    What rule do you agree with:

    Well, all rules seem pretty fair to me, so its kinda hard to decide. But i will probably
    decide on "No Griefing" just because building is something i do well, and im working
    hard for it. (Its probably the thing i like the most about MC)

    Here ya go Wink

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