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    Staff Application Format


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    Staff Application Format Empty Staff Application Format

    Post by Admin on Fri Sep 23, 2016 2:53 pm

    Its an honor that you want to be staff!
    The application is pretty simple
    These are the roles you can apply for, as well as some insight as what you'll be doing.

    Global Moderators
    You'll be responsible for enforcing the rules in game, as well as watching over the forums. This is a big responsibility!
    Forum Moderators
    You'll be in charge of enforcing rules on the forums, as well as accepting applications and keeping everything up to date.

    If you break rules as a staff member, you will loose your rank and be treated as a normal player



    Real name:

    Time on server: (Approximately)

    Role wanted:

    Why do you want to be staff?:

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