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    Expectations for Staff


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    Expectations for Staff Empty Expectations for Staff

    Post by Admin on Fri Sep 23, 2016 6:00 pm

    Becoming a staff member is no easy task.
    Staying as a staff member can be just as hard.

    As a staff member you aren't just an enforcer of rules, your an example to all the other players. If you break any of the rules, it will be taken more seriously than if you were a normal member.

    Work together. There are multiple times when you will have to ask for help from another staff member. Remember, becoming staff is about making sure the players have a fun, smooth experience, and this cant be done without cooperation.

    Take note of everything that happens. GMs, if a player is banned under your watch, screenshot the reasons for the ban. If a player is warned, do the same. Failure to do so will put your rank at risk. FMs, if a player is breaking rules on the forum, do the same.

    Don't abuse your power. Don't use commands to give you an advantage in the game. Its all survival, the commands are purely for rule enforcement.

    Review the applications. Teamwork is necessary here. FMs need to communicate with GMs in order to white-list players.

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